Software & Support Overview

I. Overview

Texas government entities may elect to purchase annual software maintenance and support coverage for CMA Software products. Although CMA recommends that customers purchase support and maintenance with any software license, such coverage is optional. CMA also offers other optional services as detailed herein.

II. Support Service Offering

Maintenance Support

Basic Maintenance Support is available to both agencies that provide remote VPN access to Production systems, and Managed Services agencies.

Maintenance includes the following services:

  • - Toll free Help Desk phone support.
  • - 24/7 access to CMA's dedicated on-line help and issue reporting system
  • - Troubleshooting.
  • - Delivery and installation of error corrections to existing software versions.
  • - Delivery and installation of new releases.
  • - Data-related support on a per incident basis.

Maintenance does not include or cover:

  • - On-site support.
  • - Rectification of errors caused by a fault in or failure of the Customer and/or Users' hardware or equipment or software not supported by CMA Consulting Services under this agreement.
  • - Rectification of any defect or error or other problems arising out of Customer's and/or Users neglect or misuse of the System or any fault due to causes beyond CMA Consulting Services control.

Maintenance Support comes bundled with twelve (12) data related incidents per year. Examples of data-related incidents would include:

  • - End user gets an unexpected or undesirable data result because they were not operating the software correctly.
  • - End user reports that data is not valid and CMA determines this to be a pre-production data conversion issue.
  • - End user reports that a system scheduled job or on demand data transfer, refresh, or reconciliation process is yielding incorrect data, and CMA determines that the user was not using the software correctly.

CMA has a 60-day warranty policy on pre-production data conversion work effective the date the annual support contract term begins. After 60-days all reported data conversion issues will be treated using a data support incident.

III. Standard Tasks and Deliverables - Implementation

Standard implementation includes the following tasks and deliverables. Customer tasks are so designated. All other tasks and deliverables are the responsibility of CMA.


  • - Install and configure a single instance of the current version of the application software either on Customer-supplied web and database servers (Enterprise) OR on CMA web and database servers (Hosted Services). (An Enterprise Installation by CMA in a load balanced environment or for multi-tier environments must be negotiated separately and are not part of a standard implementation.)
  • - Complete all necessary steps to configure environment for application. (Note: For Enterprise Installations, CMA will need administrative rights on the web and database servers in order to complete installation of the application package.) These tasks include but are not limited to:
    • - Configure Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Transaction Server (MTS).
    • - Install and configure Active Server Pages (ASP) for web interface and MTS components.
    • - Establish database structure for SQL Server / Oracle.
    • - Install and configure the Data Loader Program.
    • - Test and verify that installation is complete.

Technical and Customer Support

  • - CMA will provide Customer support throughout the "Acceptance Period" and during the parallel or pre-production phase prior to Go Live. Basic Annual Support will begin 30 days after the initial software and data are installed, loaded, configured, and accessible to the Customer. Annual support covers Help Desk access, software defect fixes and periodic software releases.
  • - CMA will resolve all technical issues regarding access and usage of the application for Managed Services Installations under the terms of the Managed Services contract.
  • - For Enterprise Installations, CMA will be available to assist Customers with technical configuration issues that arise following certification of the initial installation. Where practical this assistance will be provided by VPN.


  • - The Customer's Administrative Unit will be asked to complete a training survey, which will aid CMA in tailoring the training course and configuring the system for each agency.
  • - CMA will provide hands-on application training for a total of twelve (12) administrators, or other key stakeholders. This course is 1 day in length and covers all pertinent core modules, system security including workflow and system administration. The Customer will be responsible for providing training to all other users unless additional training sessions are negotiated as part of the implementation.

IV. Change Control, Modifications and Customizations

CMA will entertain changes or enhancement requests to the application outside the scope of a standard implementation. This would include any custom interfaces or data outputs. Any such changes will need to be stipulated in a separate application Enhancement Process. During this process CMA, in concert with the Customer, will evaluate the requirements for the request, design/document the change, provide a work effort assessment and cost quote. Any efforts to customize, or modify an application may be charged at the rate specified in the Go DIRect Agreement.

V. Managed Services

CMA will install, configure, and provision the selected application and agency database on hardware, software, and network infrastructure owned and operated by CMA. Application access and functionality will be remotely and securely delivered to end-users via the Internet and World Wide Web for employees and administrators. Customer will not be responsible for furnishing, installing, and administering servers, operating systems, and database licenses; however, is responsible for provisioning web browsers on the client workstations.

CMA will configure the application, create the necessary web site, install the Verisign SSL Certificate, and test both access and functionality to the application.

The installation will be considered complete and ready for initial rollout when the application and database are configured, interoperating, and tested according to the test procedures.

VI. Support Fee Structure

Package: Maintenance Support

Pricing Model:

ALERTSnet: Base Fee (+) Per Employee Fee

  • Base Annual Fee = $17,760.03
  • Per User Fee = $2.65

LMSnet: Base Fee (+) Per Employee Fee

  • Base Annual Fee = $14.208.03
  • Per User Fee = $2.12

For Enterprise Installations, CMA will require full administrative and processing access to both the web and database servers including administrative rights. If this access is not provided, additional language will be needed to clarify the nature of the access and outline the responsibilities of all parties.